Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a social pass?

The camp is intended to be an immersive, inclusive experience so there is only one ticket type - full pass. It’s all or nothing baby!

Do I have to share a room?

Yes you do! We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the camp and that means leaving no bed unfilled. There will be plenty of single beds for those who do not wish to share a bed of course.

You will be automatically paired with your buddy for room sharing. Anyone who doesn’t want to share with their buddy, or registered by themselves, will be added to a secret facebook group where you can find a room-mate.

Will there be late night parties?

There isn’t a separate venue for late nights but the music will continue until at least 2am every night, probably longer.

We have booked the entire hotel, so the dancefloors are ours to use for as long as we want.

We’ll schedule DJs til at least 2am, and when our last scheduled DJ finishes, we’ll open the decks to anyone who wants to play some tunes and has done a sound desk training / orientation session with Max.

Are there midnight food options?

No place will be open, we recommend buying snacks from the local grocery stores during the day.

What will the floor be like?

The downstairs room has a sprung wooden floor which was a little slow in 2018. The upstairs room will have a hire floor.

The speed of the upstairs floor will be unknown until we get there.

Please note that no product is allowed to be placed on the floor to change the consistency of movement.

Can I get privates with any of the teachers?

Limited privates lessons may be available with the teachers upon request.

Can I BYO?

You can take food and drinks into the hotel for your own personal consumption in your room.

Both dancing rooms are licensed so no external drinks can be brought into them, even when the bar is closed.

Will there be quiet rooms for accommodation?

There are no specific quiet rooms but the main dance hall is away from most of the accommodation. If you're concerned about noise we recommend bringing earplugs. Socials generally go until 2am.

Are the extra curricular activities mandatory?

No, nothing is mandatory, you can do as much or as little as you want.

How much down time will I have?

We have built in a bit of “relax” time in the schedule.