Meet the organisers

Kara the boss

Kara Martin

Kara is the Boss.

She masterminded Devil City Swing - widely regarded as one of the best things to happen to the Australian swing calendar, just ask anyone who went.
Kara ran that event (with a team of fabulous volunteers) for seven whole years and lived to tell the tale.

Finally the time came to pack it in and she handled that like a champ too; but the desire to run an awesome dance camp has been nibbling away at the corner of her dancing soul for too long.

Enter Swingin' the Blues.

Image Courtesy of Michael Alesich

Max and Leigh dancing

Max Pogonowski

Max is the entertainer.

He has been DJing at events around the country for a few years and managing DJs and bands at various events including Southern Blues and SLX for nearly as long.

When we were deciding how to divide the tasks for the event Max immediately put his foot forward to organise all of the music requirements. We couldn’t be happier because he knows what all the knobs on a sound desk do, and which end of what cable goes in which hole!

Max also built our website, but the design credit goes to Stephanie Bradley.

Image courtesy of Roman Balìtskiy and Balboa on the River

Leigh Richards putting her hand up for everything

Leigh Richards

Leigh is the Gopher.

She has been running Empire Swing since 2011 and has been involved as a manager and volunteer at events around Australia. Even when not officially involved with an event, Leigh can often point guests in the right direction.

Leigh has put her hand up to do any job required so that the Boss and the Entertainer can make the important decisions.

And we love her for it!

Image courtesy of Fudz Qazi